Mourning and Food – Your Contributions


Here, we wish to create a space for readers to contribute stories of their experiences of family funerals, mourning rituals and how food is incorporated.

Did you serve a loved one’s favorite meal as part of the funeral? Want to share a traditional recipe from your region, culture or traditions? Have story about how food helped bring comfort during a time of mourning? We would love to hear your stories! Please include your name as you’d like it to appear and your location/country/region.

We are also seeking correspondence, photographs and church community or burial society cookbooks that contain funeral recipes to help us compile a more diverse and accurate history. Of course, all written or digital contributions will be credited as you wish.

You can email us at

As inspiration we’d like to share this conversation from 2007 that took place on a Tribe community message board. There are numerous contributions from various parts of the world and we get insight into the need for creating meaningful mourning traditions for ourselves and how food can be a large part of that, Funeral or Mourning Food.

We hope that this section of Nourishing Death will not only be a place to share your experiences and stories, but to inspire others to create meaningful mourning traditions for themselves, their families and communities. We hope to also serve as a resource to help learn and understand how our cultures and traditions surrounding death are changing and in many ways, remain the same.

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