Death Cakes


One of our favorite people here at Nourishing Death is kindred spirit, Carla Valentine. Carla recently hosted a “mash-up” meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club and a Death Cafe, where guests provided some incredible, death themed cakes.

Carla Valentine is a qualified Pathology Technician who carried out post-mortems in UK mortuaries for 8 years. She now runs Barts Pathology Museum and conserves the pathological specimens as well as teaches about the collection. She has always had an interest in baking and leads the Shoreditch branch of the international ‘Clandestine Cake Club,’ even appearing in the book along with her recipe for David Lynch inspired ‘Blue Velvet Cake’ (The book is available on Death and baking repeatedly converge in events at Barts Pathology Museum, such as the popular Eat Your Heart Out anatomical cake event in October 2012.

To read all about the event and see photos of all the death themed cakes, please visit Carla’s blog, Afternoon Tease

Photo by Carla Valentine, featuring her GingerDead Men

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