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The Holy Grail of Grieving Family Food – The Casserole

We are so pleased to share this contribution from Alison Atkin on Nourishing Death. Alison is a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, currently researching new ways to identify episodes of mass mortality caused by infectious diseases throughout history.  She … Continue reading

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The Evils of Beans – Part I

In the book, Beans, A History, (yes, really), author Ken Albala relates how beans have a history of being regarded as big troublemakers. Aristotle himself spoke out frequently against The Evils Of Beans, writing that these legumes are just like … Continue reading

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Larva Convivialis

Pictured here is a larva convivialis, from Wellcome Images. A very rare example of memento mori, given almost as an equivalent to the modern party favor to attendees at a Roman feast or banquet. Although given out during what was most … Continue reading

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Mourning and Food – Your Contributions – I

Gumbo and rice were delivered to my home before nightfall of the day Momma died, and the task of moving my mother’s possessions from her apartment at the assisted living facility were capped by a dozen assorted Krispy-Kreme donuts.  Mom … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Death Suit

In hopes of taking the green burial movement a step further by ensuring that the very toxins we carry within us are not poisoning the earth into which many of us will be laid to rest, artist Jae Rhim Lee has developed an inspiring … Continue reading

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